The People Business: Dance

This blog to develop a place to share ballet performances and also inspire and cultivate appreciation and love of dance by providing quality educational , superb performances, and collaboration with other arts as literature ,painting and music

Major philosopher, Nietzsche wrote in the 1880s:

Our time is a time of excitement, and that is precisely why it is not a period of passion; it heats up constantly because it feels cold – at bottom it freezes. ”

A new movement, spirituality and work life has been spawned by our need to find greater meaning in an ever-changing our performance, values that emphasize competition, profitability, market share in favor of measure of an organization.Spiritual values such as integrity, compassion, courage can be expressed at scene in ways that the wisdom of Solomon framework .

Salome Ballet: The plot of the opera, inspired by the biblical story of Salome and John Baptist, focuses on the confrontation between the adolescent sexuality of the princess and the ascetic integrity of the prophet in the context of debauchery and moral depravity of the court of the tetrarch Harod Antipas and his wife Herodias.

Figure Ballet Nacional de Perú

Resultado de imagen para fotos del ballet Salome

For a party, nameable or unmentionable to the amicable mode, the best attributes are selected, the highest gifts are selected with sonnets for the dance . Today the blog is a place for inspiration, education and empowerment between dance and literature: sonnet

Salomé by Julian del Casal

In the Hebrew word, where the soft
fragrant smoke from the sun undone,
rises to get lost in the open ceiling
or dilates on the wide nave,

there is the grave-looking Tetrarch,
beard gray and exhausted chest,
on the throne, hieratic and right,
asleep by song of bird.

In front of him, in brocade dress
starry of burning rhinestones,
to sweet they are of the sonorous mandolin,

Salome dances, and, in the right hand,
always shows, radiant with joy,
or white lotus of golden pistils.



Salome Ballet: Richard Strauss 1864-1949 .Lyric drama in one act – Hedwig Lachmann’s libretto based on Oscar Wilde’s homonyms work.

Richard Strauss 1864-1949.German composer. It occupies a place of great importance in the musical history of our time, in which it represents the last ramifications of the romanticism.

Tetrarchy is a form of government through which power is shared by four people who call themselves tetrarch

Solomon as the third and last monarch of the united kingdom of Israel (that is, before the separation of Israelite territory in the kingdoms of Judah and Israel) . Son of King David, Solomon managed to reign over an extensive territory for almost four decades , possibly between 965 and 928 BC5

Sonnet :Poetic composition formed by fourteen verses of major art, usually endecasyllables, and rhyme consonant, which are distributed in two quartets and two tercets. ”

Julián del Casal 1863 – 1893. He is considered one of the most important authors of Latin American modernism

Madolin The mandolin or mandolin is a musical instrument of four double orders. The number and type of strings of the mandolin has varied with time and place, but the predominant configuration today is Neapolitan mandolin, with four strings tuned as the violin (sol-re-la-mi).


Resultado de imagen







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